Are Slots Really Better Than Blackjack? (Part 1)

One might say that all classic casino games are to some extent created equally, in that they’ll bring something epic to the table that’s uniquely their own. Some might claim roulette is the feature game and only casino game you’ll ever need to play. Others would not touch anything rather than poker. And then there are those who insist that slots is the most simple and enjoyable online games. It’s all a matter of personal opinion, but those who worship slots do back their opinions with viable reasoning. Hence, at the risk of stirring debate and controversy, this article list out a few of the reasons why some believe slots are far better than blackjack:

No Strategy Required

First of all, gamblers playing blackjack must put their brain out trying to think about every move to make, predict all possible moves of opponents and basing decisions on each card turn accordingly. Besides, blackjack has a lot of rules and etiquette to take into account before making any decisions. On the contrary, gamblers of slots really don’t have to think about anything whatsoever as it is as random as it gets. The game brings a relaxing experience, great payout – particularly for casino newcomers.

Bigger Top Prizes

You just have to accept the fact that slots pay out can be life-changing if you are lucky enough, of course. In general, the highest payout in a single hand of blackjack is 1.5 times of the bet. Hence, if one wants to take home a sizeable cash prize, one must put plenty on the line in the first place. Meanwhile, it’s technically possible to wager say £1 on a few spins and take away both in-game and progressive jackpots of three, four, five, six or even seven figures although it’s not as if it happens very often.