Are Slots Really Better Than Blackjack? (Part 2)

More Open Seats

If blackjack tables tend to fill up pretty quickly in premium casinos and at peak times, you won’t ever have to tand in line and await your turn playing slots. Imagine how much you enjoy slots while other stand around and waiting for a seat to open up in blackjack tables. Even if you get in to one table, as soon as you sit down in front of a queue of people waiting for someone else to leave can make you feel being rushed. Not to mention, how would you handled the pressure of people looking over your shoulder. Although with online casino, waiting wouldn’t be an issue.

No Beating the House Delusions

Unless you are a professional player mastered the art of card counting, it’s unlikely that you can beat the house although you may occasionally win a hand out of blind luck, but for the most part the dealer is going to beat you off. Although it is technically possible to increase your odds when playing blackjack, it is actually a problem as too many players mistakenly believe they are capable of doing so. Meanwhile, playing slots is gambling with pre-set odds which can’t be changed. And you know that first hand which in turn means you don’t bother trying and therefore enjoy yourself more.

Variety of Games

While there are literally thousands of different slots game available these days with endless different themes, blackjack remains the same game all the time even though the cards may get dealt differently each time you play it. Furthermore, there are brand new slots coming out in enormous quantities each and every week, which literally means you can’t never get bored of them or even play all of them.

So that’s what it is about blackjack and slots games; the choice still be yours to choose.