Beating roulette through wheel bias (part 1)

We have established the fact that you can beat land-based roulette at the best roulette betting online systems website. In this article, we will go into a further discussion on beating roulette through wheel bias. 

These days, casino players are betting to win rather than just having fun. Making money off the wheels seems to be a trend, especially with the help of the web. Roulette is no longer impossible to beat thanks to tons of roulette tips floating around. One of the best tip is for player to look out for wheel bias and exploit it.

You might still remember that casinos make money through the house edge which is an unfair advantage on the part of the casino while any player who wants to win would like to have an advantage of their own. Wheel bias is due to a defect of the wheel by the manufacturer or it could set in when the wheel has been used for a significant amount of time. The amount of bias in a wheel would also differ, including loose frets, scratches on the wheels pocket surface, a wobble in the wheel, differences in size, wheel deceleration, etc. Although casinos always make sure that the wheels of roulette games are maintained, still,  there are cases where some casinos do not catch the bias in a wheel.

Given the sheer number of causes for wheel bias, it is also vital to know that wheel bias comes in different forms as follows:

Pocket Bias

This is a highly specific bias in which, the ball will favour a certain pocket and casinos would most likely know that the wheel is off.

Section Bias

This type of wheel bias is one of the most common forms in which a wheel favours a specific sector may be a bit hard to detect depending on the amount of bias.

Dynamic Bias

This is the trickiest form and  only happens for a short amount of time. This type of bias works to your advantage because modern wheel analysis systems that are used by casinos neglect this type of bias. So you need to detect it right away to exploit it.