How to effectively play roulette at online casino? (Part 1)

Roulette is an extremely popular game in the casino, there are even people who say “without roulette, it cannot be called a professional online casino”.

Roulette is easy to play but hard to win, many people have baked a lot of money in the red and black wheel and still lost, just because they did not master how to play roulette effectively. This article will tell you how to play roulette with very high win rates. Let’s find out.

Rules and how to play roulette

Before learning how to play roulette at Malaysia online casino and the secret to win the game, you need to know what is roulette. Roulette is a type of game consisting of a wheel and 38 numbers: 1-36, 0 and 00. When all players have made a bet, dealers will place a ball on the outermost sides of the wheel.

When the wheel starts to spin, the ball will fall into one of the number slots when the wheel slows down and stops completely. Whichever ball falls into which player bets on that number wins.

How to play roulette hundred battles and hundred wins

There are two types of roulette bets: the first bet type is an internal bet. There are six types of bets available including split bet, straight bet, 5-digit bet, street bet, corner bet and line bet.

The 2nd bet type is an outside bet, there are three basic forms including: money, column and tens bet. Players can bet on many different forms in each bet type, if desired. The game rules also allow the player to limit the number of bets per spin, as long as the total doesn’t exceed $ 100.

1. How to play roulette efficiently with number ring number strategy

This is one of the ways to play roulette quite effectively used by a lot of gamblers. You need to determine a specific sequence to place bets for two fixed areas on the roulette table to place a bet, ie each bet for two zones. Specifically as follows.

In the first game, you bet on areas 1 and 2.

In the second game you bet on zones 1 and 3 (regardless of how the first game wins or loses)

In the third game you bet on area 2.3 (regardless of how the second game wins or loses)

Game 4 went back to zones 1 and 2 (no matter how the third game wins or loses). Then keep doing the rotation like that.