How to effectively play roulette at online casino? (Part 2)

It can be said that the 3-door round is the best, the risk ratio is not much, plus the basic profit is not bad at all. This is a way of playing roulette used by a lot of experienced gamblers.

Many people think that to win when playing roulette at Malaysia online casino requires a very complex way of playing roulette, the fact that simple methods give you results. Surprise. However, never use a method that is repeated too many times.

2. The road trends method

This way of playing roulette at online casino is more complex than the way of numbering, which requires the player to have a little more reasoning, specifically as follows.

When the number that roulette draws is diagonal or there is an interval (1 number in the middle), the player can play three rounds of diagonal numbers. For example, roullete stops at the next 26 number is 22, then reopens 18 and the next is 30.

Either start with stop at 25, next will be 22 then open a number other than the number on the diagonal with the two numbers above, the next game opens at 18 or 30, or 20. You just need to take the first draw, and the group of numbers on the diagonal with which to place a bet, the odds of winning will be quite high.

3. The method of placing a chip

The method of placing a chip means that the player is allowed to use 1 chip to bet on numbers from 1 to 18 with 1: 1 odds. Also use another chip to place numbers from 25 to 36 at a 1: 2 ratio.

Thus, if the result of the game is from 1 to 18, you will get a draw, and if the result is from 25 to 36, you will receive an extra chip.

Do not underestimate this way of playing because it will help you extend the game, thereby helping you gain more experience through the games and increase your chances of winning.