Instructions on how to play Poker at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

The dealer will then continue to add 2 more cards, on the table, there will now be a total of 5 community cards. At this point, the dealer will turn his / her two cards face up and combine them with those 5 community cards. The dealer and the player who has the higher hand will win.

In the event the player sees the card as too small and is not confident in their own card, they will choose to discard the card and will lose the original Bet amount.

How you combine cards into poker hands

Combining 2 player cards with 2 of the house cards and 3 community cards gives different results. The winner will be defined from large to small as follows:

Each Poker Hand will always be constructed based on 5 cards. Not 4 cards, not 7 cards, exactly 5 cards. When you only hold 2 cards in your hand and use them to harmonize with the table hand to create a poker hand.

Below is a list of Poker Hands in online poker arranged from small to large

High card

High card is the lowest when you do not have a pair, then you look at both the table and the hand to see which is the biggest card you have when combining both the cards you hold and under the table. . If both of them do not have a pair, then the person with the highest card will win.

Three of a kind

If your card is combined with a table and has 3 of the same hand, it will be called Three of a kind. In the event that both of you have a Three of a kind, then the other cards bigger or both will determine the win because a poker game always has 5 cards.

One pair

If your card is combined with a table and has 2 cards of the same type, it is called a pair for example 8. Each poker game has 5 cards, the other 3 cards are called kickers. When the player has the same pair, the one with the highest kickers wins.