Instructions on how to play Poker at Malaysia online casino (Part 3)

Royal Flush (Barrel breaking lobby)

In online poker, the hall is the biggest. In the case of a card, you combine with a table hand and have a suit of 10 to A (10-J-Q-K-A). Royal Flush is the strongest, once you own it, you win.

Two pairs

If your card is combined with a table and has two couples, it will be called Two pairs. If both of them have two pairs and are not the same, then the one with the bigger pair will win, but if both have the same high couple, the two low pairs will be considered, if they are equal. 5th card will be reviewed and used as a basis to determine the winning or losing of that hand.

Flush (Homogen)

If your card is combined with a table and has five cards of the same suit, this is called flush. If 2 of you have the same glow, the player with the bigger card wins in that hand.

Four of a kind (four quarters)

If the card you combine with the table and has the same four cards is called Four of a kind. If both of you have a Four of a Kind, then the player with the bigger pair wins the hand.

Straight Flush (Homo lobby)

The 2nd rank is Straight Flush, and with any 5-card suit lobby, it is called Straight Flush. When two people have the Straight Flush, whoever has the order of the bigger cards wins, regardless of what quality.

Full House

If your poker hands consist of a set of three cards & a pair of tickets, that card is called a Full House. If both of you get a Full House, the person with the bigger three-card wins the hand. There are also cases where three cards of the same hand are available, and there are two people who will win Full House, the one with the bigger pair wins.

Straight (Lobby)

If your hand is a combination of a table and a set of 5 consecutive cards, such as, it is called Straight without any special distinction. If two people have the Straight, the one with the bigger tree wins.