Learn online poker rules at the 188bet (Part 2)

Round 2: Split 3 community cards

After all bets, bets, according to … the first round, the next 3 community cards are turned and combined with two cards in hand to make a hand. These community cards are visible to all and not to anyone.

Where the players play or do not face the card will continue to go to the 3rd round.

Round 3: Continue to divide the fourth community card

Continuing with the second round of online casino poker 188Bet a subsequent community card is uncovered to continue to combine the table and hand cards of each player. Activities such as raiding, follow, and betting continue to take place. If there is one follower left and no one follows, the other will win all the money on the table. If there are still followers on the table, continue to the next round.

Round 4: The last community card

Similar to the previous round. This is the last round of betting if the player continues to follow, the trump will turn and calculate the hand. Those with the strongest hand will be the winner and win all the money on the table.

A Poker Hand is only made up of 5 cards, must be 5 cards no more or less. Players only hold 2 cards in their hand and use them in combination with their table to form a Poker hand.

So basically, you can understand the rounds of Poker at the prestigious book houses in 2017. Learn more about the strengths to get more poker experience. Have fun playing Poker!

Poker online is a very simple game, but it is also very tactical, super wits, so whether new players or long-term players still feel surprised when joining Poker. Therefore, the following article will guide in detail how to play Poker at 188bet casino.