New Bingo Trends to Look Out For (part 1)

Bingo is one of those tenacious classics that seem to have been around forever. In fact, bingo can be traced all the way back to 16th century from Italy and has evolved at an incredible pace with millions of people playing every day and annual revenue of £153 millions. Bingo has become bigger business than ever before and inspired bingo operators to look for innovative new ways to attract players and maintain their share of this growing market.
As there’s greater competition between providers than ever before, games developers and operators must innovate their respective games to remain relevant as it would not be enough to simply offer a few standard bingo rooms and expect to get by. Innovation must be taken extremely seriously.
This post will illustrate the point a little more clearly by briefing new bingo trends that already making waves in many markets worldwide:

Combining Land-based and Online Products
Firstly, it’s common for people to think that there is a pretty ferocious battle between online bingo operators and land-based companies. However, in reality, many operators are present in both land-based and online markets.
This omni-channel approach has inspired the exciting idea of combining online and land-based bingo games. For instance, players can visit a real-life club to play online games such as electronic bingo touchpads. There are so many options that allow players to either enjoy online bingo from home, or head to a real-life bingo hall to indulge in the real thing or access their own digital bingo rooms and experiences at the very same hall. The excitement of traditional bingo continues to attract millions on a daily basis, so combining the two bingo types together really can be huge deal.

Bitcoin Bingo
The recent excitement and the fluctuating price of Bitcoin has led to lots of questions about what will happen next. No matter how high it gets od how messy things might end, numerous Bitcoin bingo sites have sprung up to give players the chance to use this digital currency. They often offer classic bingo games but allow players to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin as an alternative currency.