New Bingo Trends to Look Out For (part 2)

Many people might as whether or not should they get involved in Bitcoin gaming. The truth is, while it’s perfectly possible that the value of Bitcoin will continue increasing, it also has the potential to collapse overnight. Therefore, getting involved in Bitcoin is a gamble itself – one that until now has helped quite a lot of people get rich.
More Mature Players Going Online
In recent years, more younger players have been started to playing bingo regularly on their mobiles which helped bring down the average age. Despite bingo used to be associated with older demographics, things changed rapidly right now with the latest trend of mature bingo players switch to online bingo sites, as they become more confidence with the technology. Gambling Report showed that the biggest growth in online gambling is the 55-64 age group although older audiences don’t take to digital pursuits quite as readily or enthusiastically as their younger generations. And not only more mature players are going online, they’re also spending more time and money playing online.

Bingomation is an amazing new art form that combined bingo with animation; in which, the drawn numbers are represented by short animated sequences, based on the traditional rhyming slang. It has become increasingly popular as bingo sites use these animations to level up their games although, these kinds of visual tweaks don’t make any real difference to the game play itself but they can certainly improve the visual aspect, which is of real importance in the eyes of modern players.

Themed Events
Last but not least, part of the recent emerging in interest in bingo is down to the themed nights include Harry Potter bingo, drag queen bingo and the rave-inspired Bongo’s Bingo.
Just as online slots, developers and casino operators worldwide have realised they can capitalise on the shared interests on the bingo masses in addition to the bingo events, bingo halls and virtual bingo rooms dedicated to certain themes.This is one trend that continues to develop more over the months and years to come.