Online Poker Guide: Difference between Video and Live Dealer (Part 2)

Video Poker vs. Live Dealer Poker

Now we’ve defined the parameters of video poker and live dealer game, here are some differences you need to know before you get all in:

Setting: As we’ve mentioned earlier, both games are developed thanks to advanced technology; however, video poker is empowered by digital and live poker is, unsurprisingly, live. Due to this, there will be time constraints on live poker simply because there are many other people involved in the game.

Speed: Because video poker is digitalized and a solo pursuit, betting rounds consume less time. In fact, video poker games are almost as rapid as online slots.

Strategy: obviously, the most significant and important difference between the two games are playing tactics. Video poker is a game of mathematics in which, players can learn the hand rankings and the odds by the time they hold/exchange cards, at the same time getting an edge in video poker.

Live dealer poker still has a part of mathematics but given the timing is an important comes into play. By being able to read the other players hands in the game, the cards in play and remembering what are the cards that have been dealt, you can refine your moves and strategy. For instance, if the previous three hands had all contained kings, the chances of another one appearing have clearly declined. Therefore, you wouldn’t continue to play if your only chance of winning was hitting an king.

That, in fact, is the biggest difference between the two games – video and live poker. Video poker is all about knowing isolated hands in a vacuum meanwhile live dealer poker is much more about history, understanding game flow and table dynamics to come up with the right strategy. Therefore, players should base their decision on which to plan strategy above all else.