Priority orders of the betting doors in roulette games (Part 1)

Among the games at online casino, only Roulette probably does not use a deck of cards, but instead is a turntable.

To win in this Roulette game at Malaysia online casino, players must have experience as well as tips to prioritize the betting door to bring true efficiency, namely the player’s victory. With the luck of the turntable, players can completely unleash their own ways of playing.

1. Learn about the game Roulette

Roulette uses a rotary table (table of bets), divided into 37 cells with 2 main colors of red and black. Each cell will be numbered from 0 to 36, and the order of numbers will be messy, in no particular order.

With this type of table, players can bet including  Bets (wager on the wheel will hit exactly any of 37 numbers from 0 to 36), color bet (bet to watch the wheel will turn in black box or red), odd and even bets (wagering on whether the spin will enter odd or even numbers).

These are the 3 most basic bet types of Roulette. There is also a half-table bet, or a group of 18 numbers (bets on the ball will fall in the numbers section 1-18 or 19 – 36); or bet on a 12-digit group (groups of numbers 1 – 12, 13 -24, 25 – 36).

Regarding how to play, first, the player places bets on the boxes. The dealer uses a small ball to spin at least 3 rounds in a spin. Which ball will stop on the ball will be displayed on the screen, and the player who bets on the box will suddenly be the winner.

In one game screen can bet on many different types at the same time, so the player can also win in many different bet types according to the corresponding bet type.