The best strategy for playing Roulette online in 2019

There are many differences in tactics when playing Roulette online at an online casino. Roulette tactics are divided into 2 main groups: physical and financial tactics.

The physical tactic to play Roulette online is to follow the previous games to determine the trend. This strategy works great with wheels that are a bit imperfect (unbalanced or symmetrical, etc.) but cannot be used at the online casino.


Financial tactics are often different betting plans. The roulette strategy we offer will:

– Focus on what you can control

– Based on financial rather than physical

– Remind that Roulette relies on luck a lot.

– Betting tactics

Andruchi is one of the most popular and widely used tactics in Roulette. This online strategy makes use of the short-term, the probability of falling into some numbers higher than others. Out of the 36 individual spins you usually only see 24 numbers appear. The remaining 12 numbers do not fall in despite the same probability. This is related to Chaos Theory.


Another way to think about online Roulette strategy is that you can change the bet. The most obvious is to double the bet after losing (Martingale strategy) and return to the beginning after winning. With a big budget and big bet limits this is entirely possible. However, most online casinos place a bet limit. You can also bet more when you win consecutively and decrease when you are black. This is a common direction, but one weakness is that you cannot know when you’re sewing or not and when your luck will end.


Regardless of what the numbers say, an online roulette tactic can make your game more interesting, but it doesn’t mean it works. Mathematically, the house is always a bit more advantageous in the long run. Use these tools in the most interesting way possible, but don’t expect them to guarantee victory. You will need luck to get that.

If you want to try any strategy, you can always choose to play for free on the online casino.

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