Top 3 casinos play Blackjack online best today (Part 2)

Here is the list of three best online casino for playing blackjack. Let’s check out!

1. W88


Join Blackjack blackjack at w88 online casino will be very interesting, smooth betting system, clear layout.

High odds of winning.

Support Malaysian, friendly, easy to manipulate.

Stable transmission line, no lag, splash during playing.

There are many attractive promotions for players, especially the promotion offering 5 USD of the free bet when confirming an email and updating a phone number.

Dealer randomly dealt cards, there will be no phenomenon or fraud.

Many casino rooms allow players to choose a room for playing blackjack.

Professional online customer service, polite style.


Many people complain that the time for winning a game at the W88 house is a bit long, but most players think that it is the W88 house rule.

Refer to instructions on how to play blackjack in Malaysia online casino and play w88 offline immediately.

2. Fun88


The betting system is very professional.

There are many attractive promotions, incentives 88,000 free bets.

To be fair to members, no tricks.

Access the Blackjack playing room quickly, without having to wait too long.


Appear in Malaysia market recently so not many players know.

Not diverse rooms to play Blackjack.

3. 138Bet Advantages


High odds of winning.

Time to connect to the Blackjack room at 138bet casino is very fast.

Stable internet connection.

Dealers are beautiful, friendly players.

Pure Malaysian language, players can bet easily.

The betting system is very professional, quick payout.

Quickly detect unusual access accounts, lock accounts immediately => High security.

Many Blackjack rooms with multiple bet levels.


There are many different Blackjack rooms, newcomers difficult to choose the room that best suits themselves, have to try it all.


With the above 3 Blackjack online casinos, players can choose any casino for themselves. All will best meet the needs of the player, including the most fastidious. Have fun playing Blackjack and win big.